Israelis And Palestinians. Two People, One Future.

This project has been thwarted. Please read more about it here.

Taglit Lekulanu (Birthright For Us All) will offer Jews ages 18-26 the gift of an educational trip to Israel with their peers. Whereas the traditional Birthright program aims to strengthen participants’ identification with Israel through selective tours that reinforce dominant Zionist tropes, Taglit Lekulanu hopes to introduce a more realistic perspective on Israel by exposing participants to both Jewish and Palestinian narratives. The trip will be open to Palestinian and Jewish Americans and staffed by both Jews and Palestinians.

The trip will bear witness to the occupation, spending a morning with MachsomWatch at West Bank checkpoints and taking tours around the Separation Wall and Hebron. There will also be meetings with Palestinian human rights activists and a visit to Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.

Inside Israel, meetings with IDF officers and Jewish Agency representatives will be complemented by meetings with Israeli anti-occupation activists and civil rights organizers struggling for equal rights for Israel’s Palestinian citizens. Participants will also visit unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev and learn about the social struggle of Arab Jews. And of course there will be time to explore Tel Aviv’s famed nightlife and shopping.

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